"All Present And Accounted For is the saga of the Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis and the heroic efforts of its crew in the 1972 near loss of the ship and all hands. Steven J. Craig has crafted an excellent history of the Coast Guard, centered around a harrowing incident off the jagged volcanic cliffs of Akutan Island in the eastern Aleutian Islands in Alaska. Mountainous seas and gale force winds mixed with treacherous “williwaw” wind bursts recorded at over 70 knots have run the ship aground and holed her hull. Craig’s minute-by-minute account of every aspect of the event is an edge-of-the-seat story of one of the few times in the history of the United States Coast Guard that an SOS/MAYDAY radio call would come from a Coast Guard vessel.

Captain Steven J. Craig’s recounting of the 1972 near disaster for the Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis is masterfully written. Craig covers a wide swath of background for the ship, the crew members, and the Coast Guard itself. He has created textbook history in an action-adventure reflective of the best novels. But this is not fiction. It is annotated, documented history that is eminently readable by sailors and non-sailors alike. An academic piece wrapped in a riveting narrative of events, blending history, technology, human interest, and humor amidst a harrowing experience. Craig’s detailed profiles of the individual sailors and their physical and psychological challenges amidst his overall narrative of the events produce an exceptional reading experience.

As any sailor will recognize as a compliment, I offer Captain Craig a Bravo Zulu for All Present And Accounted For."


"I have read this book cover to cover and it held me spellbound! There are actually two parallel events nearly two hundred years apart in approximately the same location which widen the scope of the premise and set the scenes not only on paper but inside your head. Now, anyone would have found this concept to have been brilliant should Hollywood have created it and made Brad Pitt the Captain of the Jarvis, but they didn't. This is a real as it gets. Craig really did his homework on this and tracked down the real survivors of this terrible and almost forgotten event and the result has garnered the praises of many fine military leaders for it's authenticity. For a reviewer like myself with admittedly a small penchant for military books and stories and even films on the subject mater I simply could not tear myself away from this book. A great read by my friend of forty years and regional Author Steven Craig, a man who has served this country well and retired as Captain in the United States Coast Guard. bjm / 11-27-19"


“When you go to sea you are mostly on your own. If you run into serious trouble, there are no first responders to get you out of it. You either remedy the trouble or die. The Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis and its crew was assailed by a sailor’s worst enemy—hellish foul weather. The author makes you part of the crew pulling you into peril with them. Your ship is sinking and being shoved toward a rocky Alaskan shore where it will break up, sending you into freezing seas where your chance of survival is nil. Although human nature rises to heroic action in the worst situations, after reading this book you may never want to get on a ship again.”



"One doesn’t normally associate the U.S. Coast Guard with having an issue with the seaworthiness of its proud ships.Their mission relates more to the saving of others - both people and vessels in times of distress. The Coast Guard has many more mundane duties that provide safety to the maritime community and security to our nation. But saving lives is their mission! So it was quite a surprise to this retired U.S. naval officer to read this fascinating and heroic account, so well told by Captain Steven Craig, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret) with clarity, tempered emotion (much like the fabled police sergeant Friday who insisted “only the facts, Madam, just the facts”), with thoroughness and engagement of the tragic story of the grounding and near loss of a beautiful new ship “Jarvis”.The reader will be most reluctant to put the book down! The author explains in layman’s terms where the incident occurred, which is in one of the most dangerous sea environments; the circumstances of the grounding; efforts made to get underway and save her by a well trained crew in horrible conditions, heavy seas, fog and rain, sleet and snow. The “Jarvis” suffers flooding in the engine rooms, subsequent loss of power, amid drifting near vicious rocks in the Aleutian Islands, to be saved at the last moment by the heroic assistance given by a Japanese fishing trawler. A riveting and compelling account of the coordinated efforts by Coast Guard air and ship assets and others to assist in the successful rescue of their “own” is detailed. It is a balanced and honest appraisal of the missteps and mistakes made which is covered in detail. Captain Craig does give due credit and high marks to the men who fought and endured frightful conditions aboard the imperiled ship. Their successful efforts have left a shinning legacy to those who will come behind them, an example of courage and determination that is in keeping with finest traditions of Coast Guard service and the officer whose name was Jarvis."



"CAPT Steve Craig has captured the core values of the Coast Guard: Honor in the explanation of our service, Respect for those who came before us and the challenge of each Coastguardsman to equal or exceed their accomplishments, and Devotion to Duty in the daily routine of being underway and the can-do-and-persevere attitude when faced with the challenge of saving their shipmates and the Jarvis."



"Hi Steve. I just want to thank you for writing such an excellent account of the Jarvis Grounding. I can readily see that you put a lot of effort and work into it. I learned things I either didn't know or didn't remember. I thought you covered the awards section beautifully and captured the crews feelings right on.

​You already had an impressive resume now you can add Great Writer to it. Thanks so much for writing this event and thanks for doing it right. I hope I get a chance to thank you in person one day."​


“Throughout history, the dedicated men and women of the United States Coast Guard have unselfishly risked their lives to save those in peril on the high seas around the world. Captain Craig has accurately captured the riveting, untold story of USCGC JARVIS and its crew, unexpectedly finding themselves on the brink of disaster in the treacherous, unforgiving waters of Alaska. His writing encompasses the raw emotion and desperation of the crew, as we fought to prevent the ship from sinking and the most certain death of all onboard. His book embodies the unwavering, heroic efforts of the crew to save JARVIS and themselves.”