Events & Speaker Presentations

Upcoming Events

NEW BOOK COMING OUT - An abridged (condensed) version of "All Present and Accounted For" is now at the printer and will be available around May 5th. When the book is available, this site will be updated. The cost of this version will be $15 plus $5 shipping. This new book is around 110 pages versus the full version of 276 pages. The story line starts a few weeks before departure to Alaska and ends upon arrival back to Honolulu. If you bought the full version, this book has very few changes. 

IN THE WORKS - New book on Leadership. "The Sum of All Parts" should be out in late summer 2024. This book will outline leadership qualities based on the experiences of this author. These experiences are based on 38 years of active and reserve CG service, 28 years as Postmaster with the USPS, and disaster response and recovery experiences.

Alaska Tour - May 2024

This tour commences May 2 and concludes on May 9th. Visits will include Kodiak and Ketchikan. Book store signings will include the Islander (Kodiak), Parnassus Bookstore (Ketchikan), Coast Guard Commissary, Kodiak CG AIRSTA and CG Exchange Ketchikan.  Additionally, two presentations will be hosted at the Kodiak library and the Ketchikan library. 

July 12, 2024: Presentation at the Ocean Shores(WA) Public Library.

September 26, 2024: Guest speaker via ZOOM for the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center in West Chester, PA.  This museum displays the actual helicopter assigned to the CGC Jarvis.  The helicopter story itself as told in my book is a real nail biter. 

October 2024:  Book author event at the Ocean Shores Public Library.  Earlier this month (October) the show featured 21 book authors.

Previous Presentations

September 2023: Kodiak Public Library and Juneau Public Library. Book discussion on David Jarvis' amazing rescue in 1897 of trapped whalers with a following discussion of the CGC Jarvis near sinking in 1972.

Royal Caribbean Cruise ship ‘Quantum of the Seas’; presentation to Coast Guard attendees, Alaska cruise. ‘Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis near sinking 1972’. 2022

Ketchikan Public Library. Presentation ‘Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis near sinking 1972’. 2022

Hyatt Hotel, Renton, WA. Washington State Department of Health. ‘Supply Chain Issues and Affects to the Medical Profession’. 2022

Pavia, Italy. Guest Speaker, UME Graduate School. American disaster studies. 2014

Pavia, Italy. Disaster Studies instructor – University of Pavia (UME) February 2012

South University – Online Instructor Disaster Studies. 2012

Rome, Italy. International Disaster Emergency Readiness (IDER) conference. 2006 ‘Emergency Response and Civil Authorities’.